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Foundational Pillars

The National Coordination Center (NCC) is organized to address the challenges identified by the organizations it serves.  VA Steering Committee will be supported by 6 foundational pillars that are aligned around functional themes that pose risks to VA's initiative.  Each foundational pillar will be a collection of organizations and individuals that have demonstrated excellence in a functional area.  The NCC will maintain the strength of the pillars through its relationships in the healthcare field.  Our first task is to engage a national network and partner with those who are solving healthcare issues or actively working in places that are excelling in a particular field.  


Initial Focus Areas

The NCC will address 6 initial challenges for the VA (i.e. interoperability, patient portal, quality and safety, innovation, workflow, and telehealth).  As additional challenges are identified, functional pillars will be coordinated to address them.  As other organizations with critical challenges are identified, new focused steering committees will be founded.

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