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The National Coordination Center (NCC) brings the brightest minds in NCC and Maphealthcare to support key healthcare initiatives and address the nation's most pressing challenges through:

  • Identification of needed talent
  • Initiative alignment and prioritization
  • Connecting those with issues to those with solutions


Coordinate the Brightest Minds

Whether you are dedicated to forwarding a particular segment of healthcare, someone with a great idea, or a seasoned practitioner in the field, the NCC can help you find opportunities to make an impact while maintaining your current position.

Through multiple channels and targeted relationship management, the NCC seeks to engage the broadest network possible, including the following:

  • Healthcare providers, payers, and integrated networks
  • Local, state, and federal governments
  • Academic institutions and affiliates
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Retail
  • Ancillary providers (e.g. lab, radiology)
  • Device and information technology organizations
  • Not for profit, national, and professional organizations
  • Venture capital


Remove Barriers in the Process

Coordination accelerates the resolution of issues by removing barriers and entry costs for experts in healthcare. Onboarding, training, and alignment to the goals and vision of an organization take time; facilitating this process benefits both the expert and the organization.  


For Organizations with Healthcare Challenges

The NCC serves organizations with healthcare challenges by identifying skilled talent and expertise to address a broad spectrum of issues.  To learn more about the NCC's first challenge, click here.   The NCC accelerates solutions and project timelines through the following ways:

  • Prioritization of needs
  • Solution planning
  • Relationship management
  • Continuous improvement and key indicator tracking

If your organization is facing an issue and you would like to know how others have addressed it, contact us.


For Those with Solutions

For those who have identified solutions to healthcare challenges, the NCC can assist you by connecting you with organizations that have a need for your solution.  The NCC approach allows talented healthcare practitioners to assist organizations with needs while maintaining their current positions.  Additionally, the NCC is focussed on streamlining common project needs, including the following:

  • Alignment to the needs of the organization
  • Additional context on broader missions and goals
  • Onboarding, and organization-specific training
  • Project management

If you are and individual or organizations with a solution, get involved.

Want to Support?

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